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Once A Tree Furniture Designer Showcase with Amanda Evans

TGIF! It’s been quite the week and I’m totally exhausted but there is no time for rest! There is less than a week until my Once A Tree showcase launch party and the install starts today! So things are going to be crazy and busy until Thursday but I couldn’t be more excited! If you are able to come to the launch party, please RSVP to event@onceatreefurniture.com! The room will be on display until mid-September and I will post photos here as soon as I can! As for this weekend, I plan on:

  • Getting to the gym for a bit of stress relief
  • Going on an accessory shop all day Saturday
  • Finding the prefect shirt to go with my amazefest skirt for the party
  • Sleeping….no, seriously….
  • Celebrating the most amazing Dad ever on Sunday! Love you Dad!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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Weekend Outlook

summer time

TGIF!! TGIFFFF!!! What a crazy week! May is definitely a busy time of year in my neck of the woods and it shows no signs of slowing down. But it’s all super exciting and I thoroughly enjoy what I do. But I am looking forward to a bit of R&R this weekend.

On the schedule:

  • Date night with my husband on a patio somewhere…..
  • Jillian Michael’s is going to kick my ass at the gym
  • Haul out all of my summer clothes to pack for Vegas next week
  • Mani/pedi
  • Sleeping in
  • Celebrating the best mom anyone in this world could ask for. I love you Mama!

And finally, I will be working on a secret project that will not be so secret this Monday! Come back to find out all about it, I can’t wait to share! Have a GREAT weekend!

Image via Design Darling
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Weekend Outlook

Camille Styles Easter Egg

Happy long weekend! I’m so looking forward to this extra day off. My to do list is a mile long (as it always is) so it’ll be nice to have an extra day to tackle it.

I plan on:

  • Enjoying the Vancouver sunshine!
  • Working on some website stuff, a makeover is in the works :)
  • Getting my butt kicked by Jillian Michaels- just downloaded 30 Day Shred. Um wow!
  • Having a family dinner this Saturday to look at our wedding pics! I’ll post a few next week.
  • Spring cleaning my closet- packing away the warm winter coats and bringing out the lightweight blazers.
  • Prepping for my first trade show that is taking place April 13th in the Olympic Village in Vancouver. It’s called the Fresh Look Vancouver, check out their Facebook page for more information!

Hope you have a great long weekend! Happy Easter!

Image via Camille Styles, check out the cement Easter Eggs DIY!
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Weekend Outlook

coral heels

TGIF! And happy first day of March! We’re getting soooo close to Spring I can taste it! I am so ready to retire my boots for the year and step into cute flats and bright heels. I feel like I’ve been wearing the same things over and over so I’m waiting with baited breath for a few rays of sunshine and warmer temps. I’m trying to take it easy this weekend, as February was a bit hectic.

I plan on:

  • Having tea with ma ladies tonight
  • Hitting up the gym and putting in EFFORT
  • Attending my hub’s soccer finals
  • Writing an article for a magaizne feature of one of my projects!
  • The usual Sunday grocery shop and clean. I love starting the week with a tidy house and full fridge.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Weekend Outlook


Happy Weekend! I’m looking forward to a fun filled and relaxing weekend. The next few weeks are shaping up to be insane so a little fun maybe exactly what I need.

The plans:

  • Spend a night in with the hubs after a long business trip for him
  • Getting my hair did tomorrow by the amazing Jeff at Banzai
  • Back to the gym! Holy hell I’ve taken like a MONTH off and eaten like crap. And now it shows when I’m out of breath just walking up stairs. Yikes!
  • Trying Nicli Pizzeria on Saturday night
  • Spring cleaning on Sunday

What are your plans? Have a great weekend!

Image via Middle Child Complex
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Weekend Outlook

style me pretty

TGIF! Wow has time flown by! 24 more days until the wedding and there’s still a lot to do! Needless to say my focus is less on Christmas this year and more on wedding planning, but that’s okay.

This weekend I’m:

  • Finishing decorating the tree…better late then never!
  • Doing some crafting for the wedding, but I am no DIY’er!
  • Going to a Christmas gathering with my amazing friends
  • Brunch at Glowbal on Sunday
  • Heading to Deck Your Closet at the Four Seasons on Sunday afternoon…..get your tickets here!

What are your plans?

Image via Style Me Pretty
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Weekend Outlook

Style Me Pretty Name Card

Happy weekend! As of late, each weekend is packed with wedding activites. We’ve slowly checked a few things off of our list but wow is there still a lot to do! So this weekend I’m working hard at getting the list taken care of.

I will…

  • Head to Michael’s to see if there are any supplies for some crafting I have to do. I’m making the name cards for the tables and considering I haven’t crafted since Brownies, this could get interesting.
  • Confirm our hotels and limos
  • Book a car for our honeymoon in Maui
  • Take a wedding prep breather and enjoy some delicious sushi at Happa Izakaya
  • Followed by brunch at Glowbal
  • Workout like cray
  • And finally- do a big pre- Christmas clean……

Oh and did I mention I’m off to Vegas this Thursday? :)

Have a wonderful weekend!



Image via Style Me Pretty 
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Weekend Outlook

Creme de la Creme Wedding Showcase CountDown Events

Happy first weekend of November! Time flies when you’re planning a wedding! Luckily, everything is under control and it’s all coming together. Just over 8 weeks and I will be Mrs. Evans :)

This weekend I am:

  • Cooking healthy meals including chicken lettuce wraps tonight
  • Going suit shopping for the Groom
  • Upping the intensity of my workouts
  • Having a low key girls night on Saturday
  • Meeting my wedding day of coordinator on Sunday
  • And attending the mothership of all wedding shows- Creme de la Creme. Will you be there??

Hope you have a great weekend!

Image via CountDown Events
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Weekend Outlook

Happy Weekend! Hope everyone had a great week! I was able to check out the Creme de la Creme sneak peek at the Four Seasons Hotel on Wednesday and OMG was it a stunning set up! Blush Bridal and Bisou Bridal were on hand with beautiful gowns and Soha of Countdown Events and her team decked out the Prime Minister’s suite. I’m so looking forward to the main event on November 4th! If you’re getting married or not, it is such a great event to go to for tons of wedding info and inspiration. And the wedding gown fashion show is insane. Just sayin’.

This weekend I am:

  • Taking it easy tonight and staying in
  • Shopping with my mom on Saturday, it’s been too long
  • Having dinner and drinks with our amazing wedding party
  • Working on a fun new concept for a project I am dying to get
  • Working out, cleaning and a healthy grocery shop

What are your plans?

Image via Creme de la Creme
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Weekend Outlook

Closet Confessions Amanda

What a week! I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather, hence the radio silence on the blog here. It’s been a busy week though with no signs of slowing down. A highlight of the week was to be featured on Randa’s blog, The Unprecedented! Check out the full feature here.

This weekend I’m looking forward to:

  • Decor sourcing tonight for our wedding
  • Working on our wedding planning tomorrow…I’m knee deep and there’s no turning back!
  • Going through paper work. Fun. It’s my year end so there’s lots of work to do.
  • Prepping for IDS West next week. I’ll be there Friday evening in the Railtown Design District booth helping people with their design dilemmas. Come down and show me what you got!
  • Maybe a quick trip to Robson to find some fall inspiration for my wardrobe

What are your plans this weekend?

Image via Kaoverii from The Unprecedented
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