I literally have maybe four photos from our wedding, these being them. I’m so looking forward to getting back our professional photos because I know we got some amazing shots!

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. Luckily, it is similar to my job. It’s all about project management people! I had a vision from the get go and I know what I like and what I don’t which is also pretty crucial. Erik and I were so lucky to work with such AMAZING vendors and our wedding would not have been the same without them!

Photography: We hired the wonderfully talented Dallas and Sabrina of Dallas Kolotylo Photography. They were a breeze to work with, super flexible, happy, enthusiastic and very professional. It really put me at ease to see them so excited about the shots they were getting and it also made me really happy that they actually cared. So often as a bride you get wrapped up with your wedding as it’s the most important day of your life. And then you start to think that it’s everybody else’s most important day. Not the case. Nor should it be. But both Dallas and Sabrina truly cared about making this day all about us and it went just perfectly. We couldn’t be happier!!

Day of Coordinator: I must have been smoking something in the beginning of planning this all thinking that I could do it on my own. The best wedding present Erik and I gave to ourselves was hiring a day of coordinator, Chelsea Linton of Chelsea Linton Weddings. There are things that you simply CANNOT do the day of your wedding or leading up to it. Trust me when I say, she was an absolute life saver and made the day flow soooo smoothly. If it weren’t for her, we would have been three hours behind schedule. It was wonderful to have Chelsea, who is extremely organized and on the ball, execute the the flow of events, help our MC, oversee the schedule and deal with any issues behind the scenes. Best investment ever.

Decor: Now obviously I’m a picky b**ch when it comes to decor. I scoured Pinterest and came up with my scheme. I knew that I didn’t want a wedding that you had seen too much before. And the date being New Year’s definitely dictated the look and colours I was going for. I hired Brooke Olson of Flaunt Events by recommendation of my bridesmaid Chanel Holt of Love of Fair. Brooke and I met a few times to go over everything I wanted and bonded over our obsession for the details. She did all of the decor- center pieces, linens, my bouquets, everything. The set up and take down was all part of her services as well and she hit it out of the park!! I remember walking into Brix right before the ceremony with just my bridesmaids and squealing when I saw the tables! They blew me away and distracted me from the fact I was about to get married, they were that good. I was absolutely thrilled with the job that Brooke and her team did. She is amazing and a blast to work with!

Dessert: We ended up skipping a cake. It just wasn’t a priority for us. BUT we did hire Sweet Thea to make us delicious macaroons and mini cupcakes. They are by far the most delicious mini desserts I’ve had hands down! The vanilla bean macaroon was my fave. I still have some left overs in my freezer :)

Transportation: We used Aerocar for our limo service. They were super professional, on time, polite and good drivers (a must for a cautious driver like myself!). We were very happy with their service.

Music: We went with DJ Stew Fletcher of Siegel Entertainment. Stew did a fantastic job of playing upbeat, danceable music that got the crowd of all ages on their feet. After midnight, he played more hip hop as per our request once some of the more mature crowd had departed :) Siegel Entertainment was very easy to work with and we would highly recommend them.

Venue: Having our wedding at Brix was one of our best decisions. We basically were set up from the day we booked to have a successful wedding. The event planner Jennifer and staff went above and beyond our expectations and were so helpful and accommodating. The food was so delicious, the wine was tasty, and the service was impeccable. The staff was so damn friendly and told us it was one of the best weddings they had done all year! Not to brag or anything ;) It was an intimate, beautiful space and it perfectly complimented how we wanted our wedding to be.

Dress: My dress is by Tara Keely and I bought it at Bisou Bridal. The ladies at Bisou are so helpful and truly know their bridal couture! Elise was my consultant and she did everything in her power to make me feel comfortable and at ease. She was able to make miracles happen and get me the dress that I had been dreaming about on short notice. Thank you Elise and Bisou! Your ladies are a dream!

Jewelry: Elsa Corsi made all of my beautiful jewelry. She is the absolute GO TO for bridal jewelry in the city. The pieces I wore were unique, stylish and felt just like me. She has impeccable taste and translated exactly what I said I was looking for into the stunning earrings and bracelet I wore. Stay tuned for all of the detailed photos!

So there you have it! I want to say a huge thank you to all of our vendors, you guys are the best and we seriously could not be more appreciative and thankful for all of your hard work! Hire these people!!













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    You just inspired me for a new post. The whole opting out of a wedding cake can actually save people a ton of money.

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