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Every year without fail, a trend will come along that I despise. Like I want to rip my eyeballs out and set them on fire after seeing said trend. And then of course, the trend’s popularity grows and grows and grows and soon you’re seeing it on every blogger and your favourite celebrities without fail. And then suddenly you find yourself pinning photos of the trend, picturing yourself wearing the trend and then God forbid, even liking it. And I HATE when this happens! I feel like such a dirty hypocrite! This happened to me with pants tucked into boots, Uggs and maxi dresses. And now my friends, it’s happening with the wedge sneaker from Isabel Marant. But I have to admit, after seeing some amazing outfits by my favourite fashion blogger, Sincerely Jules and on celebrities that I relatively respect, they’ve grown on me. I don’t think that I can pull them off, nor would I spend 600 beans on them, but boy they’re cute! Okay I feel better now, my secret is out ;)

Isabel Marant

Clockwise from top left:

 BDG Urban Outfitters

BDG Wedge Sneaker, Urban Outfitters

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  • andreajohnson

    I hear ya!  There are many trends that start out that way for me too.  I don’t think I can pull these off either BUT I did give in and buy a pair of white studded high tops from Zara.  No matter how hard I tried they kept pulling me back in:)  A

  • I wrote a post about my sincere dislike for this trend awhile back and know what you mean about it growing on you! I think I’m at a level where I can tolerate it, but they still won’t be making an appearance on these feet!

  • julia martin

    yes! i hate when that happens!
    i’m still not on board with this one though …


  • Michelle Mollinga

    I could never pull these off in a million years…but you, could rock anything! :)

  • They are still no to me…
    I will do hightops – but no to the wedge…why? why is there a wedge in your sneakers….