12 - 17 - 2012


It’s about time for me to sign off the blog until January…womp womp. You see, it’s the official two week countdown to my wedding. And it’s just starting to hit me. Oh and there’s Christmas. And countless events. And working out. And planning those finishing touches. My plate is full. In the perfect world, I’d have time to blog everyday because I truly love doing it. But alas, my real life is taking over. It may be a little early to wrap it up for the Holidays, but wow does wedding planning ever take up a lot of time!

I hope you have the most wonderful holiday season! I know that regardless of our big day coming in two weeks, I will slow down and cherish the time I have with my friends and family during our Christmas celebrations. After the events in Newtown this past Friday, it’s more important than ever to hold close the people you love and say those three words to them on a daily basis. I am in disbelief something like this actually happened. It’s an absolute outrage. I hope and pray the parents and families can find peace over time. I can’t begin to imagine or even try to put myself in their shoes. But I pray for them and weep with them. Their little kids will not be forgotten.

I will be back mid January with wedding posts galore :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Image via That Inspirational Girl