wedding beauty prep

T minus 5 weeks and 5 days til THE BIG DAY! You know what that means?? Beauty prep time! I’ve developed quite the little routine these days because frankly, I want to look and feel my absolute best. Here’s what I’m doing so far:

  • L’Oreal Absolut Repair Hair Mask– I use this once every week and a half to keep my hair healthy. It’s long and can dry out at the ends, so I find this helps keep it shiny. I don’t use it before an event or anything like that because it does make my hair extra slippery.
  • Skoah– Oh how I love thee! Due to mild adult acne as of late (wonderful isn’t it?) I’ve changed my skin care routine and use Skoah products. I love the way my face feels like a baby’s bottom after I wash and my skin is super clear.
  • OPI Natural Nail Strengthener– My nails are super, duper weak and brittle. Always have been. I just started using this and although I don’t have crazy strong nails, it does help!
  • Lashfood– I’m a big fake eyelash wearer when the time calls, but I like using this conditioner that also helps fullness. I used it in the summer for awhile and noticed results after 5 weeks. It’s a natural product so I feel a bit safer than using Latisse which can have side effects….but wow does that stuff work!
  • Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit– I’ve used Crest White Strips now and then, but always fall off the wagon around day 5 or so. This 2 hour kit works and it’s over and done with after an episode of SNL (yup, that’s what I did this past Saturday night!) BUT if you have sensitive teeth be careful. My gums were hurting by the fourth tray and I was trying to push through the pain, but I couldn’t handle it toward the end. My teeth are whiter and I’ll probably repeat it right before the big day.
  • Nivea Skin Firming Moisturizer– I use this lotion mostly because of the scent and how soft it makes my skin, not for the firming effects or cellulite control. That’s diet and exercise’s job.
  • Diet- Oh diet. You suck. I have made some changes and cut out the crap like soda, too many carbs, lots of bread and toned down the alcohol. I find that watching calories is the best way for me to lose weight. All diets work, but it comes down to simple math. Calories in vs. calories out. Period. I’ve added more fruit, veggies, lean protein and WATER, lots of water to my diet.
  • Gym, gym, gym- I’ve taken my cardio up a notch and am trying to get to the gym 5-6 times a week. I’ve also met with my fabulous trainer to give me some new exercises so that I don’t plateau. I’m really focusing on my upper body because that’s what’ll be showing in my dress! I love Gwyneth’s quote because it’s so true- it’s not magic, you have to work HARD!

I am getting so excited for the wedding, everything is falling into place! It’s been a relatively smooth ride planning and organizing. I think because it is similar to my day job: project management. I keep thinking I must be forgetting a million things because my stress level is relatively low. Talk to me in 3 weeks and I bet it’ll be a different story! But I’m confident everything will come together and that we will have an amazing, wonderful day.












  • Jessie Touhey

    Way to go lady! you’re going to look absolutely ravishing on your wedding day.
    This is how we should treat ourselves every day dontcha think?