10 - 25 - 2012

Wedding Look

As part of planning my wedding, I have also been planning my bridal “look”. I’ve picked the dress and now it’s time to pick the rest! My dress isn’t the one above, but is a representation of the tighter bodice and sweetheart neckline like what I’ll be wearing. My wonderful best friend Breianne will be doing our makeup and hair so I’ve been sourcing inspirational images on Pinterest, naturally. I’m not going cray cray with a dramatic look, just enhancing what I normally do on a night out. Note to brides: this is not a time to try a different “look”! Stick with what you know looks fantastic on you hair and makeup wise, enhance it a bit and you will feel your best!

As for jewelry, I am so excited to be wearing Elsa Corsi jewels. I have yet to pick them out, but I know that they will be gorgeous! Diamonds, maybe some pearls and a touch of emerald will complete my look. 9.5 weeks to go, but who’s counting?

Images via Pinterest & Style Me Pretty











  • You and Kate Beckinsdale could be sisters–I’m sure you’re going to be drop-dead gorgeous!

    • twentyonetwo

      Haha thanks Betsy! I sure hope so!