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Yesterday, my first full feature was released in House of Fifty’s fall issue! I can’t even explain how excited I am and how lucky I feel to be a part of such a cool online magazine!

The home in the feature is acutally my parent’s place. It was a loooong project to do but so rewarding as I got to do everything in the house. Like, everything. Which is the best kind of project to have. I didn’t quite have carte blanche, but my mom and I have similar taste so it was great to bounce ideas off each other and work together. That being said, I want to do another one with you Mom!

Go to page 70 to see the full feature. I got to work with the talented Tracey Ayton again and I’m so pleased with the results.

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  • Andreajohnson

    Congrats Amanda!!  You did a beautiful job!  

  • This is such a gorgeous interior…Your work is impeccable and so timeless.  If you don’t mind me asking, what colour did you use in the living room.  It is the perfect shade of “greige”. 

    thank you


  • Shannon8foot6

    What a great feature! Congrats!!!
    I have nothing in common with my mom…in fact, she walked into our basement (a work in progress), and said she loves the towers on each side of the TV.  THESE ARE MY HUSBANDS UGLY STEREO SPEAKERS.  They are the worst things ever…

    anyways, your mother’s home is stunning!