New York Summer Patio

Just a casual summer night on my patio, no big deal…… 

Happy Weekend! I can’t believe it is the last weekend of the month…..time has flown. This weekend is going to be pretty low key. Why you ask? Oh because I am heading to Vegas next Thursday for my best friend’s stagette! Bring on the 42 degree heat (or maybe not), the shopping, pools, delicious food and wine! We’ve been in planning mode forever so I can’t believe the time has come! We’re staying at the Aria, a favorite hotel of mine.

So for this weekend, it’s all about:

  • My bridesmaid dress fitting today. Exciting! I’ll have to Instagram it….
  • Delicious salmon dinner tonight made by yours truly
  • Beach time tomorrow, cover up this pastiness
  • Mellow Saturday night reading magazines
  • Solid workouts
  • Pinning, pinning, pinning! Love this gem above!
  • A full clean, some work and pretty much bulldozing my office and starting all over. It’s a wee, wee bit messy
  • Reading more of this chick’s blog. Don’t think I’ve ever appreciated a blogger’s humor and honesty more than hers!

How about your plans?

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  • Kristen_burggraaf

    who’s patio is that really?!

    • twentyonetwo

      Don’t know…….but some amazing person that I want to be friends with…

  • Danielle Hardy

    Sounds like a busy, fun weekend ahead of you!! And that is one breathtaking patio there… wow!