Rain, Rain Go Away


Am I this happy and carefree when it’s pouring outside? NOPE! So it’s official. Vancouver weather is depressing me. It’s a little ridiculous to be complaining about this, but when I see pictures and pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like of beach trips, cute bathing suits and TANS my jealousy goes from moderate to extreme blackout rage.

But, BUT! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! This week it is suppose to pick up, be sunny and warm. So you will find me this weekend at the beach frolicking like so…..

beach sun sandbeach sun sand

Anyone else feeling the rainy day blues?

Image via Pinterest & Haute Faves Deux & Classy in the City
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  • Andreajohnson

    OMG this weather is terrible!!!  I feel the same way, if this is going to be the trend going forward I may have to move!!!  I am a sun lover and to live in a climate where we might get two months a year doesn’t do it for me!!!  So to answer your question, no it isn’t ridiculous to be complaining about it!!  Notice my intensity with all the exclamation points!!!!!!!