One of the places to visit in NYC that I was highly anticipating was C Wonder. I heard about them awhile ago and knew that the store would be first on my list on our shopping day. As soon as we stepped off the subway, there she was in all her glory! If you haven’t heard of C Wonder yet, check out their site NOW! Not only are there cute clothes, but the jewelry and home decor is amazing as well. And all really well priced. Happy Shopping!

C WonderC WonderC WonderC WonderC WonderC Wonder WallpaperC Wonder PillowsC Wonder TraysC Wonder MugC Wonder GreenC Wonder Striped Blazer

1. Arriving at C Wonder 2. Stylish transportation 3. Cool display for glasses 4. Gorgeous pillows, should have got some for my bedroom 5. Sun filled store 6. Obsessed with this wallpaper- they had all different paper throughout, it was spectacular 7. More colorful pillows 8. Cute little trays for jewelry or serving appies 9. Gift for my sister and a welcomed bottle of water (it was sweltering that day) 10. Signage and more paper 11. Tory Burch inspired blazer I picked up for myself

I was in pure heaven in that store! Scored the blazer above for an amazing deal, but had to restrain myself on the homewares. The pillows were so beautiful and really well priced. Their website is a must see, here are a few of my current faves!

C Wonder











  • C Wonder- Such good stuff!!! I read that the store was founded by Tory Burches ex husband… hmmm. 
    On my visit I got the little monkey plate and an elephant one… not to mention some shirts and a jacket. I love the jacket you got too. Can’t wait to get back there! xo

    • twentyonetwo

      It was started by her ex- explains all the beautiful, Tory-like stuff they have. Think I may have to place an online order very, very soon!

  • My Chic My Way

    Love that store! I’ve bought monogrammed bangles, dishes, and even a panini maker from them!

    • twentyonetwo

      I love their dishes! Was so close to buying in the store, but realized I wouldn’t be able to pack them very well for the trip home….

  • J Touhey

    Ha, funny. just did a post on this today too ;-) and perhaps doing a little online browsing as well…

  • Your new obsession will almost certainly become mine… as if I needed another one ;) LOVE IT!

  • LOVE! Haven’t been in the store but love the website. Can’t wait to go next month!