jason wu

Looking forward to the weekend let me tell you! The shift in weather from last weekend to this is a sure sign the fall is on it’s way. Surprisingly, I’m ready for it. Don’t get me wrong, summer is one of my favourite seasons but fall takes the cake.

I plan to:

  • Officially retire my summer clothes in favour of some new pieces from Aritzia & Michael Kors
  • Do a little spring fall cleaning
  • Pick up the love of my life from the airport….I dislike long business trips :(
  • Hang a few new pieces in the apartment- mirror, bulletin board, etc.
  • Recover from getting my ass kicked at the gym by my wonderful trainer
  • Long walk on the seawall for some brisk exercise, fingers crossed for no rain
  • Get all dressed up for date night on Saturday
  • Tea and friends on Sunday

What are you up to this weekend?


Image via Dilly Dallas (Jason Wu)