Home Office and Studio Designs

I mentioned a few posts back that Twenty One Two Designs Inc. is moving into its very own office space in downtown Vancouver. So not only do I get to decorate that space, I will also be doing a few things to our apartment. My home office will now be empty and ready for some fresh storage ideas (more clothing and shoe space).  Now that I have this area to address, I looked around this morning and of course the domino effect started to take place…. So on the list so far:

  • New shower curtain, towels, art in the bathroom
  • Full length mirror
  • Storage plan for the old office
  • Paint the bedroom and living area
  • New TV stand, pillows and a gallery wall in the living room
  • New bed linens, art, picture frames and curtains in the bedroom
  • New banana bowl and towels in the kitchen

The little fixes to be done:

  • Whiten the shower grout
  • Change all the burnt out light bulbs (yes I’m ashamed)
  • Carpets professionally cleaned
  • Paint all baseboards
  • Major clean of balcony

If there’s extra in the budget:

  • Headboard
  • Coffee and side table

Phew! Lots of work to be done this summer… I won’t be doing anything at home until the office is almost complete. So I’m thinking August will be Home Makeover Month and it will be posted all right here for your entertainment! Wish me luck!


Image via Home Office and Studio Design